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Julie Kaufman“In only a few sessions with Caterina, I have learned so much about how to move my business to the next level.  In addition to giving me terrific ideas and pushing me (gently) to put them into practice, Caterina energizes me so that I am really motivated to do the things she suggests. She understands the image business and gets me thinking about my business in new and innovative ways. I am already seeing great results, and I've only been working with her a short time.” Julie Kaufman, AICI

Erin Stafford“I have learned so much from our time together. I love that you gave us tangible things to do each week so that it didn’t seem too overwhelming. I have fine-tuned my target market and am now very clear on my ideal client. I really have learned so much from you and feel like I have propelled myself to the next level now. I can’t believe all this happened in only three months!  Thank you so much.”
– Erin Stafford, AICI

Trudi Bonomi“I am so grateful to have found Caterina’s class. She taught me everything I had on my list to learn and did it in a three-month period. I have established myself as an expert in my area and have learned the skills to work smarter, not harder. Anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level should work with Caterina.”
– Trudi Bonomi, Image Consultant/Life Coach

Betty Chu“I felt very fortunate to have Caterina as my business coach in the first year of my AICI career. As a graphic and apparel designer for over 15 years, I’ve been working based more on “artist mentality” which is focused on the creative process, and rather neglects business strategy. Caterina, with her extensive experience working with image consultants and other small business owners, understands the challenges I face.”
– Betty Chu, Image Consultant

Bernie Burson“Taking Caterina’s teleclass coaching series has helped me get off the dime and get going with my image consulting business. So many things I had been meaning to do . . . I got them done!  But motivation was just the start. Caterina offers a lot of practical information and provides a real roadmap to success.”
– Bernie Burson, AICI, CDI

Brenda Kinsel


"After 23 years of having a great business as an image consultant, I had no idea how much more joy I would discover within this profession after taking Caterina's course. I am enjoying a whole new area of business as a result of techniques that Caterina taught us. I expect to be expanding this part of my business even more. One thing is she showed me how to triple the number of people that are signing up for my email list, each week. I really enjoy her "can do" style and her emphasis on creating ease in business. Thanks Caterina!"
- Brenda Kinsel, AICI CIP, Author of 30 Days to Diva Style! and 40 Over 40

Heather Elrick“Investing in Caterina’s Expert Advantage Coaching sessions was the best step forward I could have ever taken for my business!! Within the first two weeks I’d clarified priorities and goals, and developed a viable Speaker Sheet that provided an immediate (and additional!) revenue stream. Caterina’s value-packed service proves that you need to give first, before you receive, and her being available for questions, editing and offering lists of free resources was simply the icing on the cake!  I’ve never before had access to such an incredibly generous educational forum and I would say that you can’t afford to not invest in yourself.”
– Heather Elrick, AICI, CIP

Elizabeth Fong“Prior to working with Caterina, I was trying to build my business on my own. I knew what my goals were, but didn’t know what steps to take that would help me realize them without wasting time and making costly mistakes. Caterina has empowered me to take action in building my business. She gives me step-by-step instruction to break through my obstacles (real or imagined) to success. I see Caterina as a faithful, unwavering compass that guides my business over the rough waters of entrepreneurship. It has been a privilege to be work with Caterina. Her wisdom and expertise have given me newfound confidence to go after my goals and make my business a success.”
– Elizabeth Fong, Image Consultant

Karen Tsuo"Caterina, and her Business Breakthrough Expert Advantage course, showed me my blind spots, directed and motivated me step-by-step to develop my marketing strategy and helped me upgrade my promotional materials. I am now more confident of my professional image, public speaking, and promoting my service, feeling much more at ease about approaching potential clients."
– Karen Tsuo, MA, MA, AICI

Annie Brumbaugh“Caterina provides a roadmap to help you whip your business into shape. She asks insightful questions and makes you answer them. If you want to think more like a business person, Caterina is the coach for you.”
– Annie Brumbaugh, AICI, CIP

Cheri Bertelsen"Caterina's ideas and enthusiasm has been like a "shot in the arm" to my business. All of her suggestions are great, especially how to develop and design a professional speaker sheet. This has given me added confidence when contacting groups and businesses. My goal for this year has been to book at least two paid speaking engagements a month and I am well on my way to achieving that!  Thanks Caterina."
– Cheri Bertelsen, AICI CIP, CDI

Take Advantage of Caterina's VIP One-On-One
Thriving Business Building Coaching and Consulting Package

Caterina is available to work with only a few select clients on a one-on-one basis. If you would like to really accelerate your success, take advantage of the:

Your VIP One-on-One Thriving Business Building Coaching and Consulting Package includes ten, one-hour sessions with Caterina. These sessions can be done over the phone or you can spend a day and a half with Caterina.


Because Caterina wants you to truly learn everything you can she will also give you
access to the Business Breakthrough Online Institute (BBOI)(a  $997.00 Value)
The BBOI includes written content and recorded sessions by Caterina and other Business Building Experts on the following topics:

orange star Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business
red star Establish Yourself as an Expert and a Resource
orange star Identify Your Ideal Client
red star Create a Value-Based Website
orange star Build a Permission-Based List
red star Cultivate Strategic Alliance Partners
orange star How to Write & Place Articles to Grow Your List
red star How to Write and Sell Special Reports
orange star Podcasting, Teleclasses & Telecourses for List Building and Profit
red star Getting Started Speaking to Promote Your Business
orange star Get Your Speaker Sheet Done
red star How to Get Booked for Marketing Speeches
orange star How to Get Clients When You Speak
red star Product Sheets, Programs & Packages
orange star Add Additional Income Streams
red star Strategic Business Planning
orange star Put Attention on Your Brand and Be Your Brand with Liz Pabon
red star How to Get Local Publicity & Build a Media List with Katrina Sawa
orange star How to Have Your Own Internet Radio Show with Christina Wiley
red star Internet Marketing with Jane Deuber
orange star Using Social Networking to Build Your Business with Zita Gustin
red star Effective Writing for Your Website With Karen Nierlich
orange star Blogging & Info Products with Rebecca Morgan
red star Maximize Your Search Engine Optimization with Allison Bliss

Your VIP Coaching Package also includes:

Business Breakthrough Summit ticket2 Tickets to the Business Breakthrough Summit or the Sought After Speaker Summit (a $994 value)

You receive two tickets. You can decide if you want to attend both events or bring a team member or friend to one with you. These two-day, business transforming events, will allow you to learn Sought After Speaker Summit ticketnew strategies, discover new tools, and expand the possibilities for your business in a supportive environment. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network with other top-notch entrepreneurs.

Message from Caterina

Caterina RandoI would love to support you in building a more thriving business. A few examples of what I have done with my clients in just one session: created clear business models, defined new revenue streams, created cleat offers, identified where they are loosing money, put together processes to accelerate their client acquisition. I have been supporting women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses for over 17 years. I am focused, experienced and highly successful. I bring all of that to serve your business.


Caterina Rando

  • All coaching is done over the phone or via SKYPE or in person for multiple hours.
  • All one-on-one sessions are strictly confidential.
  • Sessions can be recorded and the audio file can be sent to you when requested in advance.

There is no time limit on when you must use your VIP coaching package.

Book a consult with Caterina to discuss
if this program is right for you.

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